Finding Empowerment In Grief & Loss

My Perspective on Love Out of Grief

It is my belief that those we love and lose, whether human or heart animals, are valuable and necessary to the core of who we are and who we will become. In thinking of them, they hold memories , feelings, discoveries and experiences for us that have helped to make up who we are. I believe the essence of our love that we shared with them can guide and fuel the further expansion of the expression of our futures. And I believe it is from the platform of the love we had with them that our futures take off.

As I stated in my book, Finding Empowerment in Grief & Loss, in my sixth core belief about being a widow, I believe love cannot go back to what it was before we knew what came from loving. Everything that we had with those we lost is still inside us. It is managing the missing that is our challenge.

We can choose to face the physical emptiness of loss and hold onto that and fill it with all that was in our world if it feels like that serves our purposes. Or we can choose to use their memory as a larger vessel to contain new experiences and challenges, thoughts and even love as we learn to extend and express it starting with ourselves. Neither is wrong. Our individuality is what will guide us.
Heart choices are perfect. They are reflections of who and what we are and cannot be condemned but can be changed, revisited and launched again in a different direction at any time. To me, that is the perfect imperfectness of being human.

Molly is an author

Her first book, Finding Empowerment in Grief & Loss, became a hot new release and best seller in the Own Your Self-Esteem©️ series. Her new workbook with guided journal and adult coloring pages, the 2nd book in the Own Your Self-Esteem©️ series, which just released is already on its way to the same success.

Molly Campbell
Molly Campbell
public speaker

Molly is a public speaker

Molly always saw herself as the cheerleader behind the scenes for other thought leaders. She didn’t seek the spotlight. Yet, a turn of events in her life has fueled a passion to speak out on one of life’s toughest topics and encourage audiences all over the globe to openly talk about grief and loss.

Her husband’s untimely death on the verge of the pandemic plunged Molly into isolation. Daily, she wrote in her journal about the depth of her new widow’s journey in grief. When Molly looked back on the private things she wrote, she realized she had developed a framework of a personalized journaling journey that could help others survive, and dare to thrive, as she had during the most heartbreakingly unexpected time of her life.

Molly has become an expert in grief and loss, publishing the bestselling book Finding Empowerment in Grief & Loss, the first in her Own Your Self-Esteem series. She now speaks authentically from her heart about this surprising last gift from her husband and what she has learned in order to help others. Her heartfelt mission is to raise people’s self-esteem starting with those in grief and loss.

Molly is a Coach/Mentor​

During her ‘Wall Street to Main Street’ career, Molly has coached personal and business strategies to executives and entrepreneurs. She has helped countless clients cope with the effects of physical issues during her long alternative healthcare partnership.

Molly’s personal coaching core values have always been centered around raising people’s self-esteem. Molly never planned to become an expert in how to survive grief and loss. Her husband’s untimely death on the verge of the pandemic resulted in Molly being isolated at home. Through introspection, she discovered a journaling process that unlocked surprising possibilities for her life beyond deep grief. Molly’s mission is now to share her framework for uniquely personal survival of grief through coaching, courses, and her bestselling book, Finding Empowerment in Grief & Loss, the first in her Own Your Self-Esteem series.

Molly Campbell

Vision Planning & Goal Setting with Molly

If you’re thinking creating a balanced life, setting goals, and accomplishing tasks are going to be difficult throughout this healing journey, fear not. You’re not alone. I found an app that I thought was going to be a burden, but instead, I have found using it to be most helpful and actually a fun way to assess the many areas of my life. It helped show me how I could achieve a more balanced life, made creating a new vision for myself and setting goals easy, and it has ended up being a good way to check in with myself. I believe it could help you too. If you’re interested in joining my heeling inner circle, just click this button to get your copy of this amazing app.

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